Colon Hydrotherapy: Everything You Need To Know And More


Colon hydrotherapy is a useful tool in detoxifying the body when seeking a complete cleanse and better overall health. However, it is not a subject many participants openly discuss because of the understandable stigma surrounding the practice. Colon hydrotherapy is an entirely natural treatment to kickstart the cleansing process. Many people receive colon hydrotherapy on a regular basis to keep themselves feeling healthier and more energized. The process encourages a return of normal colon function.

Whether you regularly cleanse your body in this way or are just interested, you are not alone. The ancient Greeks practiced this process as an established norm. It was also very popular in America in the early 1900s and is gaining momentum again in recent years. Many people believe better health can be attained by looking at all the alternatives. They don't forego medical advice but add these alternatives to their approved health regimes. Colon hydrotherapy is just one alternative to a healthier lifestyle.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is precisely how it sounds: it involves your colon and water. Water is slowly introduced into the colon to help break up and eliminate the sludge that remains in the digestive tract. The colon, or large intestine, is the last stop of the gastrointestinal tract. As such, some waste is bound to be left behind. Intestinal sludge is comparable to the silt at the bottom of a river; no matter how quickly the water flows, some sediment remains. The colon is your virtual colo-rectal floodplain, and it gets dirty. Since the colon and intestines are already the sewage system of the body, these remains are considered toxic.

Some professionals and dieters believe that intestinal sludge contains toxins that are harmful to overall wellness. Cleansing the colon allows the body to restart with a clean track record. The belief is that poor diets and lack of exercise, make our bodies unable to rid themselves of the figurative crap we ingest every day. Ingesting fast food, processed food, sugars, and chemicals in such large amounts wreaks havoc on our bodies. The constant onslaught of unhealthy meals and snacks have created overworked and unhappy guts. That translates to feelings of overall fatigue and ill health.

Life is difficult when you experience imbalanced colon health. You never think about the process of digestion much until you feel like crap — pun intended. The ease of bowel movements is essential to feeling good. One of the colon's jobs is to absorb water. If it absorbs too much, the stool becomes hard and painful to pass. These imbalances lead to bloating and pain. If the colon isn't consuming enough water, diarrhea occurs draining the body of essential electrolytes. Electrolyte imbalance leads to dehydration, irregular heartbeat, and muscle weakness. Balance is necessary.

Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy

There are many benefits of colon hydrotherapy. One session can equal up to 20 bowel movements in the amount of eliminated waste. While some people look to lose weight with this procedure, the procedure balances your digestive system. A clean colon is a healthy colon. Rather than looking for a quick weight-loss answer, patients are more interested in detoxifying their systems.

Certainly, some experience weight loss, but this therapy is much more beneficial than that. Improved overall health and vitality is the ultimate goal of cleansing the colon. Fans of the procedure cite goals such as improved immune systems, better digestion, more energy, fewer headaches, and a reduced risk of colon cancer. While these goals have not been proven medically, many people believe that all the proof they need lies in how they feel.

The Colon Hydrotherapy Procedure

The majority of patients receive colon hydrotherapy in spa-like settings. These spas focus on alternative health services like detoxifying, massage, and a variety of other acceptable treatments for overall wellness. While many of these businesses are not medically recognized, physicians do acknowledge the benefits of their services. Medical insurance does not cover these sorts of facilities, but many health enthusiasts swear by their results. Improved colon health only increases their enthusiasm in seeking their best lives.

Others choose to irrigate their colons at home. It is much more private even though most people do not have access to the modern equipment found at the spa facility. Those who prefer to stay at home for this procedure can buy the tools they need online — what can't you buy online? Some units are surprisingly affordable. These units pay for themselves if colon hydrotherapy is an essential part of your regime. We do not recommend the in-home units for beginners.


What to expect at the spa

The first appointment is like many other health appointments: it is always the longest. You sit down to a consultation with a licensed therapist. You will also fill out a medical questionnaire and history. The hydrotherapist assesses your colon's needs and explains the procedure and the equipment. Therapists understand any embarrassment about the process — they are registered and have been trained to deal with this situation. Fortunately, modern facilities and equipment eliminate any foul odors. You change into your gown in a private area, and the only time you are entirely exposed is during the initial speculum insertion. You remain covered throughout the procedure.

The speculum is a small tube that the therapist inserts about an inch and a half into your rectum. Warm, filtered water gently runs through the speculum and fills up the colon. After filling the colon, your colonic therapist releases the foul water through a separate tube. The therapist helps the release by massaging the abdomen during the evacuation. The professional repeats this process several times throughout the session. The duration of repetitions depends on your individual needs. In some instances, the therapist uses up to 16 gallons of water.

What to expect at home

The in-home process is much the same except participants use their tools. Ease of use is the design for at-home kits. However, some allow trusted loved ones to help with the process. The first step is to make sure you're comfortable. The second step is to know exactly how the equipment work. Read any enclosed manuals. Safety is your number one priority, then the cleanliness of your large intestine. Although the in-home procedure allows for more modesty, it does not allow for sensory-free elimination. Provided that you are prepared, you can easily eliminate the smell as much as possible. Exhaust fans and scented candles work wonders.

Be prepared for the smell of compacted fecal material and other toxins if you do this procedure at home. In-home units do not provide the elimination tubes to carry your waste away to the sewage treatment facility discreetly. You also need a good working toilet and shower. After your insides are sparkling, you may need to attend to your facilities. Again, this is not a process for beginners. Although these units are made for ease, they are not recommended for anyone who has yet to try the procedure.

What to expect after your session

Many people feel relaxed or sleepy after colon hydrotherapy. Your colon worked hard. Plenty of rest ensures the desired rejuvenation effect. Also, be sure to drink plenty of liquids. Stay away from caffeine or sugar. Drink plenty of water or drinks with added electrolytes.

Similarly, it is critical to avoid eating raw fruit or vegetables right after colon hydrotherapy. These foods are difficult to digest on their own, and the colon needs its rest. After replenishing the body and getting enough rest, you feel more energized.

Proponents recommend an appointment every three to six months after the initial treatment to keep things moving along.

Who Should Participate In Colon Hydrotherapy

Like any other alternative procedures, it is best to talk to your physician before use. Those with compromised bowels or Inflammatory Bowel Disease should not participate. The introduction of so much water into the colon is unsafe for those who are already suffering from chronic diarrhea. It can cause a perforation of the bowel in weakened systems or electrolyte upset. People who suffer from chronic issues already face electrolyte imbalances.

Those who should use this procedure have mostly healthy bowels and are just looking to clean house. It is believed that this therapy can restore the colon's ability to absorb essential nutrients. Those who have sluggish bowels will benefit the most from this therapy. Many patients report feeling a sense of rejuvenation after a cleanse. Those who are looking to detoxify their systems should definitely look into colon hydrotherapy.

Get Cleansing

Do your homework and find a reputable therapist before your cleanse. It is an all-natural way to clean your colon of toxins — drugs and chemicals are not used in the process. A toxin-free colon easily absorbs the vital nutrients bodies need to stay healthy. Your body cannot function properly when it is full of toxins. Colon hydrotherapy is a sure way to jump-start your new, healthier lifestyle. Maintenence is needed to keep any machine running, and your bowels are no different. Your body and your immune system will thank you.


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