A Look Into Which Detox Tea Could Improve Your Life And Other Info

​Is it true that a detox tea can help you lose weight, improve your digestive system and heart health, and cleanse your liver and kidneys? Yes! A good detox tea blends a variety of herbs that can enhance your body’s functions through cleansing and absorption.

​Detox teas have become a mainstay of a healthy lifestyle, but with a wide variety in quality and factual support for their claims, it’s hard to know which ones to use. Cleanse Therapy has broken down the various claims of detox teas, with recommendations to meet your needs, but always talk to a doctor before beginning any new health program, including drinking detox teas.

Detox Tea FAQs

​What does drinking a detox tea do?

​How does a detox tea work?

​Where can you buy detox teas?

​How much do detox teas cost?

How We Reviewed

​Putting together a list of top ten detox teas required reading online reviews. We also investigated and researched a detox tea’s claims. Not all of the ingredients listed on a detox tea have been studied in-depth. For those that have some medical studies available, we looked at the evidence and compared it against their ingredient list.

Top 10 Detox Teas

​Below is a list of the top ten detox teas on the market. The list is in no particular order, and the best tea for you will depend upon your cleansing goals and taste buds.

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This tea’s main ingredients, hibiscus, and açaí berry are both powerful antioxidants. Hibiscus reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol, calms the digestive system, and treats inflammatory problems. Studies have shown that it speeds up the metabolism, which can help if you’re trying to lose weight gradually in a healthy way.

Açaí berry is another antioxidant, one which has been shown to have anticancer properties, though only in studies with animal subjects. In one study, subjects with osteoarthritis and other painful conditions consumed açaí berry daily. After three months, they reported that their pain levels decreased, and researchers found that their antioxidant levels went up.

If you’re new to a detox tea cleanse the taste of some teas can make you wrinkle your nose. Yogi’s berry version added the natural sweeteners of stevia leaf and berry flavors. Thus, it’s sweeter than many other detox teas on the market and easier to swallow.

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This blend contains turmeric powder, licorice root, ginger root, orange peel, and lemongrass and lemon peel. Its herbs give it a powerful punch if you’re looking to improve your stamina, longevity, and balance. It’s also great for settling an upset stomach and helping digest after meals.

With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, turmeric is a good choice for a detox tea blend. Both ginger root and licorice root have long been used for stomach and digestive complaints. Orange peel contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals that are good for overall health, and lemongrass is known to aid digestion, boost metabolism and burn fat, and regulate high blood pressure.

Everything in the tea is organic. It’s available both in loose leaf form and in bags if you want to take it with you. However, if you’re not a fan of the taste of ginger or turmeric, you may not like this spicy tea.

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Designed for tea-drinkers who want a detox program, this three-pack of herbal teas last for two weeks. It’s meant to help people who are detoxing cleanse and balance their bodies.

Dandelion leaves, spearmint leaves, and cucumber in the morning tea help release toxins in the kidney. Dandelion greens regulate blood pressure and lower inflammation. Spearmint leaves improve digestion and respiratory health, among other benefits. With their high water and fiber content, cucumbers help you lose weight — although drinking tea with dried cucumber in it isn't the same as eating a whole cucumber.

Next, you drink an all-day tea targeting toxins in the liver, made from organic rooibos, milk thistle, and dandelion root. Rooibus is naturally caffeine-free and contains antioxidants shown to improve heart health. An anti-inflammatory, milk thistle detoxifies the liver.

In the evening you finish with a blend of Amla berries, ginger root, and hibiscus flowers to reduce stress and build energy. High in Vitamin C, Amla berries give your immune system a boost, drop blood sugar levels, and improve heart health. Hibiscus and ginger root are both high in antioxidants.

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This detox tea consists of aniseed, cardamom seed and fennel seed, which help digestive problems like heartburn, constipation, and bloating. Fennel seeds also contain histidine, which stimulates hemoglobin production and helps people with anemia increase the iron levels in their blood. It also contains licorice root, coriander seed, and celery seed. This is a good tea for people experiencing digestive issues.

It’s naturally caffeine-free, organic, and fair trade, and sold in boxes of individually-sealed bags. ​

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This caffeine-free tea is for people who want to detox and support their liver. Its blend includes burdock root, artichoke, and rooibos with lemon and peppermint oils for flavor.

Burdook root is a diuretic that can lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and could help to treat or prevent cancer. Artichoke tea aids weight loss lowers blood pressure and also helps digestion. Overall reviewers give it four point two stars, but they report that it has a strong anise flavor, so if you don’t like the taste of licorice, beware.

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This is another detox regime, meant to be consumed over 14 days. It contains organic green tea, oolong wu yi, and garcinia cambogia extract. Many of its ingredients contain caffeine.

According to Consumer Health Digest, the combination of ginger, green tea, birch and oolong in one tea reduces appetite and increases your metabolism. However, it’s a diuretic, and while sold as a detoxifying product none of its ingredients other than birch improve your liver or kidney function.

If you want to drop weight quickly, this tea could be the one, but if you want to keep the weight off it might not be the answer. Due to its diuretic and laxative properties, it’s not recommended that you drink it daily for long periods of time.

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This detox tea, a blend of maté, green tea, and lemongrass, celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017. Sold in a 4.4-ounce tin, this loose leaf tea gets strong positive reviews for taste. Unlike the majority of the other detox teas on this list, it is not caffeine-free.

Widely known for its antioxidant properties, green tea is also known to help speed up your metabolism. A plant from South America, yerba maté boosts energy and supposedly also helps with weight loss. Studies on yerba maté have shown a short-term, temporary increase in mental acuity after consuming it.

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Triple Leaf teas have been a staple in the health food community for years. This detox tea blend contains a long list of herbs, among them; dandelion, ginger, fo-ti, burdock, Chinese licorice and red clover.

This tea's ginger and licorice root are meant to cleanse the liver, kidneys, lungs, and blood. Dandelion helps with blood pressure and inflammation. There is insufficient evidence to support the claims that fo-ti helps liver and kidney problems, however.

While it contains ingredients that will help your body, it doesn’t necessarily contain the ingredients to accomplish what it claims. 

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This tea’s blend contains green, oolong, pu-erh and white teas. Green tea and white tea both kick-start your metabolism and increase fat-burning, with the added benefits of reducing your cancer risk and improving cardiovascular health. In one study, pu-erh tea reduced cholesterol and helped animals not gain weight.

The taste isn’t overpowering, and reviewers claim that it reduces bloating and boosts energy. There’s only 50mg of caffeine per cup and won’t bother tea drinkers who are sensitive to caffeine.

Red clover has many cleansing benefits, among them lowering cholesterol, cleansing the skin and detoxifying your body. Another diuretic, it helps cleanse your body of toxins by increasing urination.

Spirit Healing tea is an independent brand which sells two ounces of loose leaf red clover tea for around $11. They use organic, non-GMO ingredients and their teas are vegan and caffeine-free.

​Which is the best detox tea you can buy?

When narrowing down our selection to the best detox tea, we decided to pick one that had the widest range of health benefits combined with a reasonable cost. The Republic of Tea Clean Herbal Supplement program is our first choice.

Available individually, when drunk in combination and over the program’s length these teas cover a multitude of health issues. Their per-bag price is higher than other options. However, those teas typically only cover one to two purposes.

If you're shopping for a detox tea, what is your main goal? Purification, improving health, or weight loss?


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