Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet: Which Is Better?


Personal blenders have become a well-known kitchen appliance and for good reason. A single serve smoothie blender makes having your morning dose of fruits and veggies easy. Long gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars on a heavy, cumbersome, industrial strength machine. Now, when searching for a blender, people often have a debate between two of the most popular personal blenders on the market, the Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet.

These take up far less space than traditional blenders or juicers. They also offer the benefit of a whole juice over the extracted juice of a traditional juicer. Today’s personal blenders do much more than just make smoothies; they can chop, mill, grind, and blend.

Comparison Table

What Are the Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet?

These are single-serve smoothie blenders that are designed for small blending jobs such as whole food smoothies. They are simple in their design, which is comprised of a base, a blade cap, and a blending container. Personal blenders that we’ve researched in this Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet review have the same benefits of traditional blenders with far fewer pieces to mind than a traditional blender. Most people will use the blending cup to drink from, reducing the number of dishes to wash.

The two models of personal blenders examined here, Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet, are similar in features, included accessories, and motors, but there are minor differences that may be important to some people. No personal blender can manage large jobs unless done in batches, and they do not have motors that compete with full-size blenders. But for most people, they are just enough to get them into a daily smoothie habit.

How They Compare

For this article, we are comparing two brands of personal blenders: the Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet. There are many available models within these two brands. Here are the two we are comparing in this article.

  • Nutri Ninja BL482
  • Nutribullet Pro 900

Nutri Ninja BL482

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, with 18 Oz. and 24 Oz. To Go...
  • 900 watts of professional power breaks down fruits and vegetables for nutritious juices and smoothies. Power Source:...
  • The Nutri Ninja: Pro provides you with powerful nutrient & vitamin extraction performance to extract hidden nutrition...
  • Twist on the spout lids and take your drinks with you for easy on the go sipping


The Nutri Ninja BL482 comes with a 1000-watt Base with Auto IQ motor, a Pro Extractor Blades Assembly, one (1) 18 oz Tritan Nutri Ninja BL482 Cup, one (1) 24 oz Tritan Nutri Ninja BL482 Cup, one (1) 32 oz Tritan Nutri Ninja BL482 Cup, three (3) Spout Lids, and recipe guides. It is a small, compact model that stacks and stores easily. The jars are dishwasher safe and the blender base is easy to clean.

The 1000-watt motor runs at 21,000 RPMs and boasts the Auto IQ feature which means it has pre-programmed and timed settings for “blend,” “ultra-blend,” and “pulse” which users can select according to what ingredients they are using and what results they want. There are also two manual operations. The motor and range of settings of the Nutri Ninja BL482 mean this personal blender can grind, blend and puree most things you toss in it. It can even manage ice cubes alone, which is sometimes a challenge for personal blenders.

Use the “blend” setting for fresh fruit, leafy greens, and yogurt. Use “ultra blend” when adding frozen fruit, ice, hard vegetables, nuts or seeds. Use “pulse” if you want to chop instead of blending your items such as when making Pico de Gallo. For most ingredients, you can just add what you want, screw the base on, and blend. You can even grind oats for oat flour or peanuts into peanut butter. With the Auto IQ models, you can lock the jar in place and even walk away. If you prefer to adjust ingredients or liquids as you go, you can do that as well with easy start and stop manual options.

What Is Included:

The Nutri Ninja BL482 package comes with everything needed for a personal blender including:

  • Motor Base
  • One (1) 32-ounce jar
  • One (1) 24-ounce jar
  • One (1) 18-ounce jar
  • One (1) extractor blade
  • Three (3) sip and seal lids
  • Guide and JumpStart Plan
  • “Eat to Lose, Eat to Win” Book

Ease of Use

Add ingredients, screw on base, and blend. Use automatic functions on the Nutri Ninja BL482 for pre-programmed times and blending sequences or manual operations for more hands on use.


The Nutri Ninja BL482 performs well for a personal blender and handles things such as ice, grains, and nuts with ease.

Design Quality

Adding the Auto IQ perfected the design of the Nutri Ninja BL482, eliminating the annoying need to stand there and hold the blender container in place. The motor lasts well when used as intended.


The Nutri Ninja BL482 comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard for this kind of personal blender.


  • Can grind dry goods and grains
  • Can manage ice alone
  • Threading on cups is on inside
  • Good motor and warranty


  • Slightly more expensive than Nutribullet

Nutribullet Pro 900

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System with...
  • With 900 watts of power, the Pro is faster and stronger than the original, but just as simple to use. Load it up with...
  • Optimized 900-watt motor and refined nutrient extraction blades blend The toughest whole foods into nutritious shakes,...
  • Included: (1) 900W motor base, (1) Extractor blade, (2) 32 oz. Cup, (2) to-go lid, (2) lip ring, (2) lip ring with...


The Nutribullet Pro 900 comes with a 900-watt high torque power base, patented stainless steel blades that provide a powerful and cyclonic action, one (1) flip-top to-go lid, one (1) 32 oz Colossal Cup, one (1) 24 oz Tall Cup, two (2) lip rings, a pocket nutrition guide, and a recipe book. The jars, but not the blades, are dishwasher safe and cleaning under the rubber gasket must occur at each use.

The 900-watt high torque base runs as 25,000 RPMs which is sufficient for most personal blending needs. It can puree tough fruit, veggies, seeds, and nuts but requires liquid in the cup. This is one way we were disappointed in the Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet comparison: the Nutribullet Pro 900 just cannot handle dry ingredients alone which is unfortunate because its blades are ideal for milling grains, seeds, and nuts. It also struggles with ice alone.

For best results with the Nutribullet Pro 900, follow the instructions carefully, including using liquid and never filling beyond the maximum fill line. This motor works best by creating a vortex to effectively blend all the ingredients, so it requires both the liquid and space to do so. Otherwise, pressure builds up and the ingredients will leak, creating quite a mess.

These finicky requirements are more than balanced out by the extractor blade that is included. They designed it for grinding, chopping, and blending, and it can manage large volumes of wet and dry ingredients, including stems, skins, and seeds. The stainless steel blade never needs to be sharpened. The extraction benefits of the blade on the Nutribullet Pro 900 is one of its best features. Breaking down seeds, nuts, stems, and skins provides so much more nutrition than what you get from blenders that cannot manage the tough bits.

The cups that come with the Nutribullet Pro 900 have external threading, so be sure to use the included flip-top to-go lid or a lip ring if you are sipping from the cup directly. One of the two lip rings has a handle so you can carry your smoothie around without freezing your hands. The included nutrition guide has a lot of good information on seasons of produce, nutritional content, and health benefits of various foods. The recipe book included was inspired by actual users and the user manual is thorough and easy to understand.

What Is Included:

The basics of what you need for at home personal blending are included with the Nutribullet Pro 900.

  • Power motor base
  • Two (2) colossal cups
  • One (1) emulsifying blade
  • Two (2) flip-top lids
  • Two (2) handled lip rings
  • Two (2) comfort lip rings
  • Pocket nutritionist
  • Hardcover recipe book

Ease of Use

If you are careful to follow the directions, the Nutribullet Pro 900 is easy to use. However, those directions are specific and fussy.


It performs great for what it is intended to do, but the Nutribullet Pro 900 cannot handle dry ingredients or ice alone, which competitors can.

Design Quality

The high-quality design makes all Nutribullet blenders appealing, and the Nutribullet Pro 900 is no different. Again, follow the directions for best results.


The Nutribullet Pro 900 comes with a one-year warranty which is standard for this type of personal blender.


  • Great recipes
  • Good motor and warranty
  • Great accessories
  • Solid personal smoothie maker
  • Inexpensive


  • Cannot manage ice alone
  • Cannot manage dry goods alone
  • Outside threading on the cap

Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet Side by Side

Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet is a great comparison. They both have the motor capacity to puree, blend, grind, and chop. Both hold 32 ounces of ingredients and carry a one-year warranty. They take up similar amounts of space on the counter and are both lightweight and perform well. They both come with multiple cups, lips, powerful motors, and recipe books. Both are extraction blenders designed to make whole food smoothies. They do, however, differ slightly in a few key ways.


Their motor wattage is slightly different with the Nutri Ninja having a 1000 watt/1.2 HP motor and the Nutribullet Pro 900 having a 900 Watt/1.2 HP motor. However, you likely will not notice the difference because the Nutri Ninja only runs at 21,000 RPMs while the Nutribullet 900 Pro runs at 25,000 RPMs. The Nutri Ninja offers two speeds plus a pulse option, whereas the Nutribullet 900 Pro offers only one speed plus a pulse option.

Blade Design

Blade design is different in the Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet. The Nutri Ninja has the typical 4-prong blade design found on most personal blenders. The Nutribullet Pro 900 has 6 prongs. These extra two prongs help when milling dry ingredients such as grains or nuts. However, since you cannot mill dry ingredients alone with the Nutribullet, this ability is somewhat hobbled.

Cup Threading

The Nutri Ninja cup has inside threading, and the Nutribullet has outside threading. That makes a difference if you want to drink from the same cup you blended in. Grooves are not nice to drink from, but the Nutribullet Pro 900 includes rings you can screw on after blending.  


When examining Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet, we prefer the Nutri Ninja BL482 overall. The lower cost of the Nutribullet Pro 900 is appealing, and if you are only seeking a personal blender for making smoothies, save the thirty bucks and go with the cheaper model. It will provide you with the essential functions needed. However, the Nutri Ninja BL482 exceeds in ways that take it beyond a simple personal blender.

The Nutri Ninja can manage all the whole food smoothie extraction that the Nutribullet can, plus ithas a few additional, important benefits. The Nutri Ninja BL482 can handle dry ingredients alone, which is a great feature when you do not want to pull out the big blender or food processor. Tossing in dry peanuts gets you a peanut butter, which we think is great. It can also handle ice or frozen fruit alone, so it can double as a slushie maker. The Nutri Ninja BL482 also comes with one more cup, and the cups are threaded on the inside which means fewer pieces to keep track of and wash.

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