Unexplained Weight Gain: The Possible Causes and How to Fix It

woman disappointed for her unexplained weight gain

If Shakespeare were alive today, we would not be surprised if he were to rewrite that famous line in Hamlet as, “To eat or not to eat, that is the question”. It is a pricey question, as the sixty billion dollar weight loss industry will tell you. In fact, if you are experiencing unexplained weight gain, be prepared to be bombarded with a plethora of diet plans, weight loss tips, and cosmetic surgeries, all of which you will apparently need, just to get your weight back under control.

In this article, we list out ten factual reasons for unexplained weight gain. We also help you explore whether your situation warrants medical attention, and if this is not the case, help you bring about the desired weight loss through straightforward techniques.

What Medical Conditions Can Cause Unexplained Weight Gain?

woman struggling to zip her pants because of unexplained weight gain

As the medical community loves to remind us, the human body is the most evolved machine that exists. It is also an intelligent, holistic organism. This means that if any part of your body is out of ease, almost every other part will seek to remind you of this unease through disease. Hence, any unexplained weight gain can also be the result of a medical condition.

Reason 1: You Do Not Completely Digest What You Eat

Reason 2: Your Body Is Dehydrated

Reason 3: You Started a New Medication

Is There a Need to Seek Medical Advice for Unexplained Weight Gain?

woman consulting a doctor

If your weight gain symptoms are merely a reflection of incorrect lifestyle habits, you do not need medical care to fix it. However, there are the rare cases where your body is communicating to you of a more serious medical condition, through the ungainly weight. Here are the most common ones:

 Reason 4: You Suffer from Hormonal Imbalance

Reason 5: Your Thyroid Is Under-Performing

Reason 6: You May Be Pregnancy

Reason 7: You May Have a Tumor

Lifestyle Causes for Weight Gain and How to Lose It

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Did you know that a poor lifestyle is often the first trigger for 80% of the reasons causing unexplained weight gain? Fortunately, these are easy to fix.

Reason 8: You Recently Gave Up Smoking

Reason 9: You Suffer from Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

Reason 10: You Have Inconsistent Eating, Sleeping, or Exercise Patterns


In summary, it is good to know that barely two out of ten people can attribute unexplained weight gain to a serious medical condition. For the rest of us, an active and consistent lifestyle is a powerful key to banish this unwanted situation. As Bonnie Pfiester – a prolific fitness expert reminds us, “Fitness (and health) is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work”.


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