Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300: Which Is Better For You?

Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300

The debate regarding the Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 has become popular because of the quality, speed, variety and health aspects of the blenders. They offer a healthier and faster solution regarding meal preparation while maintaining the food’s nutritional value.

Vitamix blenders are user-friendly because they easily turn chopped produce into smoothies or delicious soups in an instant. The simple features and adjustable speeds allows operators to alter the texture and consistency of ingredients on demand. The design, configuration and comfortable, tight gripped handles make maneuvering and the clean-up process effortless. Most consumers prefer to purchase these blenders because they are hassle-free and the containers come equipped with spill-proof vented lids. They also complement most decor making entertaining enjoyable and fun.

In today’s modern world where people have become more health conscious, Vitamix blenders allows consumers to be more creative with home-cooked meals. The blenders have grown in popularity because they encourage more people to consume vegetables by turning greens into smoothies. People are more inclined to eat their vegetables when presented as treats, which is nutrition magic.

What Is A Vitamix Blender?

Vitamix blenders are high-powered devices which cook while they blend food. The battle between Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 blenders becomes clear because of their functions and features. Both blenders are top of the line; however, the Vitamix  5200 only takes a few seconds to make smoothies and is especially effective at shredding fruits, vegetables and foods with high water content.

Meanwhile, the 5300 blender is more useful in making soups, thick sauces, and pureeing vegetables. Consumers consider Vitamix blenders to be more powerful than the average Osterizer or food processor. The blenders perform at higher speeds and are more durable since they can process all kinds of food products without causing damage to the motor.

How Does A Vitamix Blender Work?

The Vitamix 5200 or 5300 blender can blend or juice whole foods. First, the ingredients require chopping into small pieces and being placed in the machine. Someone turns the blender on and the operator can gradually increase blending foods at higher speeds thus creating smoother, creamier textures.

One may also elect to add more liquid to the container to achieve the right consistency. The Vitamix blenders perform at varying blending speeds and can liquify and process many foods. They rarely get clogged from over usage.

Are Vitamix Blenders Considered Food Processors?

The Vitamix blenders are not food processors. The contrast concerning Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300  is obvious in their specifications. The 5200 model has an easily adjustable speed and puts the user in complete control. The 5300 Vitamix blender is simpler to operate and requires less manual handling.

Someone puts the ingredients in the jar, the blender pulverizes and then blends. Both machines liquify and perform difficult tasks such as making smoothies, kneading dough and slicing vegetables. A food processor does not crush ice.

The disparities concerning the Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 are visible in the consistency in the foods the machines make. Soups and light sauces made by the 5300 model are creamier and smoother. The blenders can make nut butters, bread dough, cocktails, and cake batter. Vitamix blenders are just as competitive as food processors since consumers mainly use them for baking, slicing, shredding and mixing.

Product Specs

Vitamix 5300 vs. 5200 is best differentiated by the machines’  features. The products are basically the same except for the absence of the high/low switch on the Vitamix 5300 which they have substituted for a pulse switch. The Vitamix 5300 model has a more elegant appearance and increased horsepower.

The machines both have 64-ounce pitchers,10 adjustable speeds and come with a 7-year warranty.

The Vitamix 5200 differs in height since it is approximately 20-inches tall once configured. The Vitamix 5300 is only 17 inches in height. It is easy to store since it does not take up much space on countertops.

The two devices have a radial cooling fan which prevents the blenders from getting too hot or the motors burning out. They equip both machines with a six-foot plug-in cord. Regarding Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 as it relates to neatness, they both have a tamper which makes it easy to add and contain ingredients. The tamper ensures the ingredients get crushed properly.

Other Uses For Vitamix Blenders

The battle of Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 declares a winner when each machine’s commercial strength and blending capabilities becomes highlighted.

According to their performance when used for business pursuits such as cooking in restaurants, juicing at bars or in service at catering establishments, they rate the blenders based on their endurance and successful outcome. The Vitamix blenders are being used by organizations such as Starbucks, Boost Juice, McDonald’s and other food-related industries. Vitamix blenders are also the blenders of choice for world-renowned chefs, nutritionists and dieticians.

How To Pick The Best Vitamix Blender For You

The blenders’ ability to perform certain tasks may solve the rivalry of Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300. For instance, the 5200 model also comes with a 64-ounce pitcher and a separate 32-ounce container for blending dry ingredients. It is high-tech looking with a square-shaped base which weighs about 11 pounds.
However, it is better equipped to handle frozen ingredients without overheating and effective at grinding up large chunks of fruits.

Meanwhile, the 5300 Vitamix machine is easier to store since it is only 17-inches tall making it ideal for areas with low-lying cabinets. The pulse feature makes it suitable for processing dense food items. The 5200 machine’s special blade design allows it to grind grains and knead dough. It is also especially effective at preparing soups and smoothies. It is also best for blending medium-to-large quantities of ingredients, therefore, making it a better buy for consumers who entertain frequently.

Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300

We have compared these two products and although the machines may look alike they are not the same. The two blenders can make smoothies, soups, thick sauces and cut through frozen foods. They are both from the Classic C series but they have features which differ. The Vitamix 5200 is an older model compared to the 5300 blender.

The parts such as containers, blades and lids are not interchangeable since they are not compatible with each other. Both machines pulverize hard to process ingredients and can even heat cold foods in approximately 6 minutes.

The two products minimize electrical hazards since they have thermal and overheating protection. This safety feature also helps to prolong the life of the motors. They sell the Vitamix 5300 with an instructional DVD making it more appealing to novice blenders. Although the Vitamix 5200 includes a manual, the instructional DVD and cookbook provided with the 5300 machine makes it a better buy. Consumers feel they are getting a better buy for their investment.

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz...
  • Variable Speed Control: Easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures. The dial can be rotated at any point...
  • Large Batches: The size and shape of the self-cleaning 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches....
  • Hot Soup: The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold...

The Vitamix 5200 Blender switches between high speed and variable speed. It has 10 different adjustable speed settings and an on and off switch. The blender promotes better nutrition since it makes it easier to prepare healthier meals at home. The sharp blades on the 5200 machine makes it effective for grinding tougher food particles. It is helpful in creating meals such as hummus, ice cream, smoothies and peanut butter.


The Vitamix Blender 5200 has a sleek design, 10-speed dial, high/variable speed switch and on/off switch. It is also better suited for blending icy smoothies. It also includes a radial cooling fan and thermal protection to prevent overheating.

Design Quality

The 5200 Vitamix model has easy-to-use features and a stylish yet simple design.


The Vitamix 5200 Blender has a 7-year warranty. The warranty covers parts, labor and shipping. Vitamix will repair the machines for free during the warranty period.


  • Processes large amounts of food
  • Kneads dough
  • Cost effective


  • Difficult to store
  • No pulse switch
  • Not dishwasher safe

Vitamix 5300 Blender

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile...
  • Variable Speed Control: Easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures. The dial can be rotated at any point...
  • Pulse Feature: Layer coarse chops over smooth purĂ©es for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable...
  • Low-Profile 64-ounce Container: Perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen...

The Vitamix 5300 Blender has a pulse switch, a 10-speed dial and a start-up switch. The laser-cut stainless steel blades on the 5300 machine can crush biscuits and almonds while blending consistently. It is suitable for cutting vegetables, blending, creaming, churning and pureeing thick sauces and making frozen desserts. It dissolves ingredients efficiently and processes the toughest food particles with minimal noise.


This product hass easy-to-use features. The machine has a pulse switch, 10 speeds and a start/stop switch.

Design Quality

Its design makes it easier to store, and accommodates low-lying cabinets.


The Vitamix 5200 Blender has a 7-year warranty. The warranty covers parts, labor and shipping. Vitamix will repair the machines for free during the warranty period.


  • Processes large amounts of food
  • Easily stored
  • Slightly higher horsepower


  • More expensive
  • Noisy
  • Does not process small amounts of food

Conclusion | Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300

The vast difference a good deal of people may acknowledge regarding Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 is the built-in pulse button switch on the 5300 machine. It is helpful when trying to liquify chunky textures such as dips, salad dressings and salsa sauces. Although the 5200 model does not have a pulse feature, if the operator flips the on/off switch manually, it accomplishes dicing, shredding, mincing or cutting. which are synonymous with pulsing actions.

The Vitamix machines are popular because of their quality performance and ability to make meal preparation healthier and easier. The Vitamix 5300 is a more powerful machine because it owns a 2.2 HP motor, while the 5200 machine only has a 2 HP motor.

The Vitamix 5200 blender comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, brushed stainless steel and red while the 5300 Vitamix machine only comes in red and black. Of the two blenders, the 5200 model is the simplest to use making it a favorite of novice blenders. The pulse feature on the Vitamix 5300 device makes it better for pureeing large ingredients.

Both machines are self-cleaning once rinsed with soap and water.

Choosing to buy one of these machines would depend on lifestyle and preference. If you are a person who entertains a lot and enjoys making icy smoothies, then the Vitamix 5200 would be a more suitable purchase. If you are a person who is more concerned with making quicker family meals and storage, then the Vitamix 5300 would prove to be a convenient appliance to own.

Whichever machine one purchases ends up being a good investment because these blenders can withstand the test of time. Consumers have reported the machines have lasted about 20 years even after consistent use. An additional plus of owning one of these devices is the fact they come with a protective automatic shut-off feature which becomes activated when the blenders overheat.

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