low sugar smoothies in glasses with colorful straws

10 Low Sugar Smoothies Recipes That Are Easy To Make

If you’re looking for a quick way to add more nutrients to your daily diet, low sugar smoothies are great options. Easy to make...
detox foot pads

Detox Foot Pads: The Best Products in the Market

Many people throughout the United States are struggling with their weight and overall health. We eat overly processed foods, sit behind computers for hours...
Illustration of a human's liver

Liver Fluke: Treatment and How To Spot Symptoms

In the Western world, we rarely think about parasitic creatures living inside us. Surely such a thing doesn’t happen in our modern society? Except...
woman disappointed for her unexplained weight gain

Unexplained Weight Gain: The Possible Causes and How to Fix It

If Shakespeare were alive today, we would not be surprised if he were to rewrite that famous line in Hamlet as, “To eat or not...
himalayan salt grains

Epsom Salt Uses for Health, Beauty and Others: Hope, Hype, or...

The supposed list of uses for Epsom salt is long. Should you believe the people who advocate this seemingly miracle cure-all? Or is it just hype and marketing?

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